A Fresh Idea on Organizing Your Life

We all desire to be organized. And with Planner Perfect, you can have an organized life and I can show you how. I have been a life planner all of my life, and have created a planner to harness everything a woman needs to be on top of her game. By learning how to life plan...you will be organized and that is just a perk to the other benefits of becoming a life planner. From the everyday organization needed to care for your home and family, finding and utilizing your God-given talents, and writing the goals needed to fulfill your personal dreams, you will be set-up to live life to its fullest. I offer two different options to get you started and organized:

My e-book.
Which is full of inspiration on how to become organized in your life and home, find your strengths and talents and the steps needed to follow your dreams. I also teach you how to assemble your own Planner Perfect..

Personal coaching.
This initial consultation includes understanding where you are in your life at the moment, get you started setting your monthly and daily goals, showing you how you can be organized from meal planning, vacations, your health and your home. We will also discuss your talents and dreams and teach you how to set the goals needed to execute them. We will need to harness all of these new plans, and includes instruction on how to assemble your own Planner Perfect.

Both packages include my weekly, Planner Perfect emails to keep you inspired and your life organized!

For more information on how you can get started organizing your life, please contact me at jenny@plannerperfect.com