Laundry Blues No More...

My laundry and I have not been the best of friends. Add to it a small laundry room for a family of 9 and I find myself fetal position, crying out for answers. I’ve tried a million different ways it seems: once a day, 2-3 times a week, having my children being responsible for their own, I’ve tried doing laundry by bedroom and these are only naming a few. All of these ways backfired at some point. Piling up, dirty, in spite of me.

Well, now the laundry blues are no more and if you have been trying to find your winning laundry stride, here’s my Planner Perfect tip… once a week. That’s it! No matter what your family’s size, you can get it done. Simply pick one day out of the week that you can devote to your home and your laundry and recruit your kids to help. Write it down in your planner to show you’re serious and make it a day you tackle a zone in your home to deep clean as well. Change your zone each week and soon you will have a well functioning written plan that will change your life. Remember that getting the clothes washed is only half the battle! Ensuring they all get put away has always been my problem. So now that the laundry has my full attention, I fold as they come out of the dryer, put into piles according to bedroom and my children put them away that day. And don’t forget your room! Resist the temptation to pile high your clothes on your bed and walk away (I’m speaking out of experience here.). Don’t get into the trap of only going half way. Get them put away right away. A little discipline is all you need and you’ll be singing “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” the rest of the week.

No more laundry blues with this Planner Perfect tip. I hope this inspires you to be one step ahead of yourself with a plan that helps keep you running a smooth, homeschooling household.