A Planner Perfect Tip

A Gardening Story

I decided this year that I am going to grow a garden and that I would actually tend to it.

I always have loved the whole idea of a garden and have had one for years. On Mother’s Day I always looked forward to our family picking out our vegetables, herbs and gardening supplies at our local nursery and coming home to unload it all. That was the fun part! Picking out the perfect gardening gloves, the perfect watering can, I even found the perfect gardening outfit. (Not at the nursery of course!) Oh, I was set! There was just something about the bugs and the heat that came with planting and tending the garden that I never did take a liking to. And planning the layout of my garden? That was my husband’s role…he just pointed and planted on the fly. The watering of the garden only came from rain and the tending part only came on the weekends if my husband had the time, while I stay in the cool air conditioning with an iced beverage. Despite all this poor planning and neglect, my garden always did produce a lot of vegetables, but it looked untended, full of weeds, and ugly. One year I had so many mammoth cucumbers that I vowed I never wanted to see another cucumber again! But this Mother’s Day is going to be different…

I decided back in January that I was going to give this gardening my best shot. From stem to stern I was going to plan and map out my garden and decide how and what I was going to plant. My planner is filled in my April “goals” section on all these details. I also needed to educate myself on this new gardening adventure of mine which helped me in my planning pages. I used the internet and bought a beautiful book with complete instruction for the beginner. Having read my books, some phone calls to my mother, and my planned map of gardening success all in my planner—I feel ready! I can shove my husband over and follow my own plan and take ownership of my beautifully laid out garden. From cutting flowers, pumpkins, herbs, tomatoes and even those rascal cucumbers, I am ready to give this gardening my all.

Gardening needs more than a shovel, plants and a cute watering can. With a little planning, discipline, love, (and maybe a cute straw hat) I can create a garden that I can be proud of. And even if I decide that this gardening business still isn’t for me, at least I can say I gave it my best shot! I would rather visit my local farmers market than have a garden unloved and not tended to.

Planning to live every aspect of my life at full potential is what life planning is all about and my gardening is no exception. It’s simply…Planner Perfect!