Are You Stretched?

Rubber bands come in different sizes and different colors and different shapes, but they all work on the same principle: They must be stretched to be effective. Like rubber bands, our personalities, talents, and gifts are different and we’re also not effective unless we’re stretched.
—John Maxwell

Are you stretching yourself? 

I love reading books from my favorite authors that show me more ways to reach my full potential. Being a life planner is about reaching your full potential and being all God created us to be and writing goals as statements of intent.

How do you know if you are not at your full potential?  

If you are comfortable. 

We are inclined to live status quo, to follow a crowd, to not question what we believe, open our eyes to new ideas and trust God in our lives. 

We stay comfortable. 

Are you trusting God with all of you? If not, let Him use you for His glory. He doesn’t want just a part of us; He wants all of us. When used by God, we will stretch—like rubber bands. We are such independent human creatures. We may go to church, go to all the church activities, and try to abide by the rules of the bible…and yet, we are still living independently of Him. He wants to be apart of our everyday; He wants a relationship. I am a work in progress and my eyes have been blown wide open to how God wants to be in my life. I have learned so much over the years; He has taken huge blinders off, and I look at the world with a whole new set of eyes.

Being a mother of seven children is an awesome responsibility. He has given them to me, to have a relationship with… and what a privilege! To love, respect, and train my children to come to know and love God and that kind of love is a mirror to how God loves us. I also know that God is not done with me, yet. He wants me to stretch further and I am a work in progress. I want to be used like a rubber band, being stretched to my full potential. 

Will you join me? 

Stretch to be all God created you to be. If you feel comfortable in your life, ask God to take the reigns and show you how He can stretch, you.

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