Reward and Punishments

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Rewards and Punishments

Started by Jenny, author of Planner Perfect 7/31/2010 11:50:17 AM
Rewards and punishments when raising our children is the norm and the core of pop behaviorism. It's the *do this and you'll get that.* If our children act-up in the grocery store, strangers look at us and watch how we handle our *misbehaved* children. It seems they look for that swift reprimand to make sure we show them who's boss. It's everywhere, and not just in the raising of our children. It's in the schools and the workplace. When our children do something we don't like we tend to punish them for their behavior and reward them when we like what they do.
But if there was another way to co-exist with our children. One with mutual respect, where it is neither authoritarian or permissive, and it taught our children to not blindly conform but to think for themselves?
"The more you use power to try to control people, the less real influence you'll have on their lives"
Thomas Gordon
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