Why We Can't Seem to Stay Organized

As women, we are always trying to stay organized. And if you're a mother--you know exactly what I mean. Being organized and staying that way is not easy. We may find the task managers (the tote-and-go variety) work for a little while, post it notes can't seem to last long, living by a calendar makes us feel out-of-control because every square is filled, and some make lists and forget where they put them.

Does this sound familiar? Well, you're not alone and do you know why these tools for organization never seem to work for long? Because we are created for much more than following mundane tasks and activities. Think about that for a moment... we are meant for more. If you are a mother, I don't mean that our mothering is not fulfilling in its own right, because it most definitely, is. I'm talking about taking our motherhood to the next level. Being organized, invigorated by our personal goals and dreams, and living life to the fullest. I am a homeschooling mother of 7 children and tasks could actually swallow me whole if I allowed it and let my days pull me around. We were meant for more and if we don't take the time to slow down and script our lives we vision...we will always be unsatisfied. This will hinder our ability to be good wives and mothers by feeling exhausted and pulled around all day.

Planner Perfect is a tool that harnesses everyday basics of life to our personal dreams and goals. Being a Planner Perfect, gal means you are a life planner. You are living life, using your strengths and talents, you are being stretched, personally--which means you are being pulled out of your comfort zone by the personal goals you set for yourself, and you are not just a dreamer, but a dreamer who takes action. Planner Perfect enables you to be living life to the fullest, being a happy mother, wife and friend...completely organized!

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