Writing the Details for Your New Goals

I hope you had fun writing down all of your goals for your months. This can be a very invigorating time. For those of you that are used to writing lists and tasks...this should be a welcome change. This is exactly what I mean when my tag line is: A fresh idea on organizing your life. Now go back and look through all of your monthly, goal bullet-points. Underneath each one, I want you to get detailed. If you wrote down that you want to start exercising, that is not enough. You need to write down the time of day you plan on implementing it, how often, which type of exercise, how long...you get the idea. Keep going with all of your goals and you might just think of new ones along the way and for future months. Get it all down on paper. Don't forget to get detailed on at least one thing that stretches you, personally. And your details for success. Success is in the details and small successes lead to greater ones. Dream, girls. Dream.

You may look at this all and say that you are not made to be organized or planned...you prefer to live in the moment.
I understand the temperament and that God created us all differently. That is the beauty of mankind because we can all benefit from our differences. However, God did create all of us with an inbred desire for success so we will act. We were meant to be all we can be for God. And most of us only stay at the bottom where it is safe. No matter your temperament, being a visionary and reaching your full potential is what God calls us to do. You cannot do that without meditation, prayer, and a plan.

So pull-up your sleeves, ladies...you have dreaming to do.