Is Planning For All of Us?


A big thank you to Melanie for letting me take a moment to guest post about getting organized! 

My name is Jenny Penton, homeschooling mama of seven kiddos and author of the Planner Perfect, blog, creator of the Planner Perfect, planner, and here to inspire and offer a giveaway!

I am going to talk about planning, today. And not just about any planning...real true life planning. The kind of planning that creates a life that is organized and on purpose. 

*Living on purpose is the only way to really live. Everything else is just existing.
~Rick Warren*

There is a lot to be said about our birth order and the reasons why we do what we do. A fun book read that I just love is by, Kevin Leman, The New Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are. He had me figured-out, my husband down to a T, and I giggled all the way through it. It was also a great resource in understanding my children and explaining their different behavior, and having seven children, this was fun to read about.

So how can our birth order effect how we plan our lives? Well, some women find planning as natural as breathing and find it an enjoyable experience, while there are others that find it difficult and too time consuming or don't even like to plan at all. But one thing I know is for sure that we all can agree upon and that is the desire to be organized and we can all learn how and become organized through life planning no matter what birth order we are!

Here are some key components that only life planning can provide:  
Any other method other then life planning is just short-changing yourself. You simply cannot be all God designed you to be without a plan or a map for your life. 

When life planning, forget everything you think of when you think of a traditional planner with all of its "to-do" lists and space for our endless tasks that consume our lives. What about a planner that is set up to create a life where life doesn't pass you by? That actually is there, waiting with  crisp, white, pages for you to script an abundant life? 

One of the fundamental differences between task managers and Planner Perfect is this: Planner Perfect is a place where you can be creative and goal oriented about your life. It is set-up to inspire you to dream and project what you want your life to look like tomorrow, a month from now, to a year in advance. Examples include: your emotional and physical health, what you want your days to look like, your holidays, wardrobe, weekly menus, how to manage your home, and most importantly... goals for your dreams.  

*The beauty of the planner is the feeling you get that comes from being in control over your own life versus the feeling of being out of control and led by all the daily tasks of life.* 

It's your life! Make it the way you want as though you are writing a book. Scaling down your life because a busy life is no life at all... and on those crisp pages of your planner, is where you write what you want your life to look like and the steps you need to take to get you there. When you take the time to life plan, you will be organized, obtain personal growth, and you will be living on purpose. 

*Life Planning is not just for's a must for all of us to be our personal best and to be masters at managing our homes.*
Introducing the perfect planner to harness your life as a wife, woman and mother: The Planner Perfect, planner. It is, The Complete Home Management System. It is simple, clean, streamlined and the only planner you'll ever need. 

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I hope I've inspired you today to be all God designed you to be with life planning...