Note to Self

Do you ever have those days when you want to take note on what not to do the next time? I do...all the time. I do it for birthday parties, holidays, shopping trips, purchases and the like. If I don't like the way a party turned out, or if a holiday could be perfected by following my hunch of playing games after dessert, I write the changes down in my planner for the next time or the next holiday. There is something very organized and promising to have all that is in my head written down on paper...and in the perfect location!

Do you ever have those moments when you remember something you need or need to do? Or how about a relationship that needs mending? Planner Perfect has a spot for it all. For purchases, I have a running list (I love large, lined sticky notes!) on my errand day on one of my daily pages. This way I'm ready to peel and go. It's Planner Perfect! If it's something to do, then I jot it down on the day it needs to get done. For relationships...either jot it in the journal section to pray about or on a daily page to put that relationship on the front burner. Remember to follow your hunches/instincts. God always works through our subconscious mind and those hunches should not be ignored! Write these down as gold.

Planner Perfect harness all the everyday adjustments in life and jotting down ideas and goals, ensure a better experience. Always adjusting, thinking positively, loving and giving freely, praying and making changes here and there and writing it down, is the difference between living in mediocrity or life to the fullest. Why? Because being aware and writing those notes to self in your life keep you at your personal best.

Find out how empowering it is to harness all of your...notes to self.