Christmas planning

Do you have your Christmas shopping done, yet? Well, if you're like  most, it takes some time in this month to get it all done, but to me, that's part of the fun. I know some who love the Black Friday, sales, or even get a jump start in the early fall. Knowing me, I'd be trampled on Black Friday and if jumping on the holiday gift shopping in the early fall, my children's interests would change come Christmas time and I'd have a truckload of presents in my closet to return. But the number one reason I don't shop any other month other than December is because I love being in the spirit while I shop. I know I sound cheesy, but with a chill in the air, Christmas lights all a glow, a Starbucks in hand, and bags on my arm, I can't help but be filled to the brim of good tidings!

Being organized during this season is a must. Your bank account depends on it and so does your sanity! You don't want this time to be stressful, you want to have a wonderful time buying gifts for the ones you love, not feel stressed. You need your budget for each person on your list, gift ideas written out, holiday craft supplies written out and bought, cookie baking recipients written down, and the Christmas cheer can be as long or as short you want to make it. But no matter how long or short...Planner Perfect Christmas, has you covered.

Right now Planner Perfect is offering a free printable  on how to create your own Christmas planner; it is the ultimate in being organized for the holiday season, refillable, travel size, can be used year after year, very pretty, and ... the perfect accompaniment to your Planner Perfect! Enjoy being organized for this wonderful season and Merry Christmas!