How to Create your own Christmas planner

A Planner Perfect Christmas
My gift to all my Planner Perfect ladies...a how-to on creating your own Christmas planner.

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This is the perfect accompaniment for your Planner Perfect. But, instead of having a tabbed section for Christmas in the back of your planner, I have revised my Christmas planning so you can take it with you. Introducing the Planner Perfect, Christmas planner. It is its own small planner and I will teach you how to make a compact, Christmas planner, full of Christmas organization in a handy, red lovely binder, to be used year after year. You will not only feel organized, but look it, too.

Tools needed to create your Christmas Planner Perfect:

This is my Christmas binder I chose. It is a hard cover which I like and I put a sticker on the side seam to represent the holidays.

I assembled this planner with my zippered 3-hole pouch first, my calendar, my tabbed dividers with a chunk of loose-leaf between each tabbed divider. Each divider is decorated with a holiday sticker.

Each divider is marked for: gift ideas, budget, cookie list, menus, and crafts. Each tab represents optimal organization.
Your zipper pouch fits nicely in the front of your binder and is perfect for a mini calculator, your favorite pen and highlighter. It also is the place to keep all of your holiday receipts. Everything you would ever need for being organized for your Christmas is all right here.

Your December calendar page is perfect for just jotting down Christmas dinner gatherings, Christmas cookie baking days, shopping days and any and everything Christmas. Your best bet would be to print a December page off. There are many sites that offer free printable calendar pages. I would print it on cardstock paper as it is durable.

Reinforced paper is your friend. I know it costs a little more, but it is durable, and larger than its traditional counter-part and worth every cent. Walmart has the best price.

My red binder is Wilson Jones and is a hard, 3-rung, red binder. You are going to love it's look when all assembled.

Have fun picking out your favorite pen, highlighter, mini calculator and holiday stickers. I love strolling through the scrapbook isle for these. There are a lot to choose from. Have fun beatifying your pages. Making your planner look and feel beautiful represents who you are and how you feel. So create it beautifully.

Enjoy creating your Christmas planner and the feeling that comes from being completely organized. I wish you a very, merry, Planner Perfect Christmas!
This is an example of how to use your holiday stickers. 
example of what my cookie list may look like...

I have a 2-page calendar page for December, use what you like.