A Fresh Start

There is something wonderful about the the new year around the bend and a fresh new start. For me, there is nothing more inspirational then sitting with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in my favorite mug and my Planner Perfect snuggled on my lap. January 2011 is written across the top page of my goal section and the rest is God-breathed, inspiration. Those crisp white pages are just beckoning me to script my goals, my fresh start, and my dreams...

What are your dreams and goals for the fresh new year? This is a time to reflect, to make changes and/ or keep going with your momentum from last year. These crisp white pages are for you to write down what you're thankful for, for all the things in 2011 you want to accomplish, do and see. And most importantly to grow personally. There is always room for change, for growth. God wants to use us, to use our talents for His glory, to be in an intimate relationship with us and to give us pure joy. We need to listen to God, ask Him to show you the way and then, listen. Ask God to show you sin that has manifested in your life and has taken hold, this can clog our mind and bodies from being a vessel God can work with and from the blessings He has for us. Give love to those that aren't lovable, give more than you ever though possible, trust God for everything. Let your pen fly with all the new changes you want to make this year and let Planner Perfect harness it all. Let your mind and body be renewed...it's going to be a wonderful year! Only Planner Perfect can harness goals and dreams this beautifully.

So here's to a a new beginning with new hopes and dreams, ladies, more organization than you ever thought possible, and an amazing relationship with God. Let your planner be a catalyst for all things new and exciting. Planner Perfect is all you will ever need for a fresh start in, January 2011... Happy New Year!

Click here  for details on Planner Perfect's new look, and how it will be the only organizational tool for all things new for 2011!

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