Before you get organized for must do this!

Before you start throwing stuff all over the place in an attempt to get organized...wait. You need to have a plan of attack.

We've all been there, where you can't stand the look of your closet or room, not even one more minute and you just start throwing things around to get it organized, now! Well hold your horses, because if you map out which areas need organizing, and write out the days and plan of attack, first, you will not only get organized more efficiently, but you won't be sacrificing the kids and/or dinner to get the job done.

This week is, getting organized in the home, week, for 2011 and first-things-first...a plan of attack. Get out your Planner Perfect, and in your January 2011 out your plan to organize your home, room by room. What do you want to clean out and organize? What is the first, room you want to organize, and what are some organizational tools you will need to get the job done? Details...details...details...details. It's all in the details, and the writing it down in your planner, in your month's goal section, states you're serious. Now...look at your calendar, and speckle the days you have free to devote some time to the tasks. This will give you a feeling of organization before you even get started. Have a start and stop point and stick to it. Get ready to get organized, girls! Me too...

Planner Perfect's first room to tackle...the laundry room. Let's get it cleaned, fresh, user friendly, and de-cluttered. Stay tuned...

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