Getting Organized 2011...The Laundry Room

Okay,'s time to tackle a room to get organized in 2011. This has been good for me, too because I'm am clearing out the clutter, getting things clean, and getting organized. This is also a good time to plan to make a casserole, a lasagna, stew or chili, on your organize your laundry room, day, and put in your fridge or bubble away on your stove top until dinner. You will feel empowered when you can deep clean, organize a room, and have a delicious homemade meal at dinner time. This is what planning can do for you in your Planner Perfects.

In the daily section of the day you want to accomplish this room, write out the details of when you're going to tackle it, what you will make for dinner, and write out your day in detail. This will ensure success in your day. Be prepared for the unexpected when you have children...but when writing out the details of your days, you will be organized. From the time you wake up to when you go to bed. Here we go...the laundry room.

Here is my laundry room. Small, I know, for a family of nine. I have completely got myself organized and hope these tips help you, too.

Take everything out. You can use your sink to fill up with a warm, soapy water to clean the floor, cupboards, and washer and dryer. After sweeping...wash the floor on your hands and knees. There just isn't any other way to really get in all the nooks and crannies. If you don't have a sink, no problem, just use a bucket to hold that warm, sudsy water.

Now it's eliminating what you don't need and either giving it away or throwing it away. I had so much junk that had collected in these cupboards and I was glad to purge.

Organize: I have these cupboards, just the way I like them, now. I have my laundry supplies and a basket to help contain some items not used as much.

Under my sink, I have a small laundry basket that holds nice rags. (I know I'm funny, but I don't like old, stained rags.) I purge the ripped, ugly ones and replace with fresh ones, once a year.

I also keep my cats food bowl station in the laundry room. So I keep their dry food in a tall, large plastic container and their wet food stacked neatly by it. To make cleaning out the litter box, easier, I have a container to keep plastic bags, and I have their litter scoop that comes in a container, attached to the side of the box. This is all kept under the sink and is organized.

Keep your ironing board, broom and other sweepers, organized by keeping them in a spot just for them as in the picture, here. We got this at Home Depot and is easy to assemble and set-up.

This bulletin board is in my laundry room, across from the washer and dryer. My husband made this for me after I saw it in Pottery Barn. Made for low cost. His supplies used were: cork, wood trim, plywood.and white paint. I simply love it and this is where our messenger station is held. I have it cleaned off for the new year...

Of course, you can buy a large bulletin board or chalk board to keep things organized for the family's papers and such.

Tackle that laundry room, ladies. Clear it out, clean it up and get it organized. I hope these tips help...
Room by room...Organized 2011!

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