Stop. Think. Change Your Life


On one very, busy day of mine recently, I managed to drive to my destination (which was a good half-hour away) while completely daydreaming. When I pulled up to park, I then realized that I didn't even consciously drive at all. How scary is that? I was on autopilot the whole way. My brain knew the route, and took over since I was in la-la land. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been on autopilot?

I was thinking how our lives can be like this. Our behaviors that we act on unconsciously can make our lives stagnant and hurt the ones we love. Instead of living consciously and with purpose from our own convictions,  we live off of the steam from our past without question. In virtually everything in life, from how we handle our relationships, mealtime, our spirituality, to our parenting style, we may be operating on autopilot. Stop and think... is what I'm doing working? Is it the right thing to be doing? Are my behaviors helping me grow personally, spiritually, and emotionally? Are my behaviors influencing others or hurting?

I have spent a lot of my twenties on autopilot. Never questioning my patterns of behavior, or what I believed; even when they were obviously ineffective. What is thought provoking and irresistibly funny, is my autopilot behaviors I once had and have since changed and/or eliminated from my life, were the beliefs I was most passionate about. I am glad I had came to a crossroads in life and I finally was open to change. With my all consuming hurts and failures, such as my marriage that consisted of hurtful and ridiculous non-stop arguments, and my ineffective parenting methods, I began digging and dissecting into some of what I’ve always done and made important life changing behavior patterns. Once I was open minded, I felt like a sponge! I wanted to learn and learn and learn on self-betterment. I was feeling renewed and liberated! This new way of conscious thinking gave me purpose behind everything I did from that point on. My pen was flying in my planner with all the new goals I had for change.

Start evaluating your life once a month in your Planner Perfect. It is set-up beautifully for women to be living on purpose. Instead of living by mundane tasks and the endless lists that need to be done, you are including the true meaning of why we are living...for God, our relationships, our personal and spiritual life, and our personal goals.

 Living with purpose, being a visionary and following God's plan for your life, needs to be done, consciously...

Are you living on autopilot?

Comment about your life changing moments...

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