The Law of Attraction...and Why it Works

A Four-Part Series on How to Get the Life You Want

The Law of Attraction is an amazing thing. We are going to explore how this phenomenon, affects our lives. With the good times and the bad; the Law of Attraction plays a role in our lives regardless if we believe it or not. Our thoughts and feelings play a critical role on where we are now in our lives and we're headed.

In this four-part series, we are going to discuss the Law of Attraction and how we can apply it to create the lives we were meant to live. We will discuss:

How to define what you want

Be a woman of Inspired Action

How the Law of Attraction (Loa) creates a beautiful woman on the inside and out

How Love conquers all

I hope you'll join in on the discussions! It is going to be a wonderful reflective time for change.