Organize 2011...Organizing Snow Gear

Read how Planner Perfect, gal, Lorraine, keeps her kiddos snow gear, organized...thanks, Lorraine!

It doesn't snow often here, but when it does, we need to be ready to go enjoy it quick! All hats, gloves, boots, etc are kept in a box in the coat closet. The kids tuck jammie pants into socks, and pants up over them, then add a second layer of socks. I lay out the winter gear with their coats while they are getting dressed (I have 3, ages 10, 8, and 6)

On the way back in - I keep a laundry basket next to the door. As they come in, ALL WET items get dropped in the basket, boots get lined up on the mat to dry. Once everyone is in, the basket gets emptied into the dryer. Then we all enjoy a big cup of hot chocolate, and hope there will be enough snow to play in later. :)

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