Organize 2011...Organizing Your Tupperware

Always put a time slot in your Planner Perfect to get organization accomplished. In your goal section for this month and maybe in the next, write a header such as *Organize 2011* and write out all you want to clean out and organize. Plan out your week(s) and carve a spot in some days to do it. This way, it eliminates feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and leaves you in control.

Organize 2011...Organizing Your Tupperware

Nothing is worse than tupperware unorganized. Here is a tip that will keep it neat and tidy and where you can easily find it.

Keeping it in a cupboard, rather than a drawer insures your lids don't fall behind it and it keeps all your tupperware more organized.

Put all of your containers tucked inside each other and on a shelf like you see here. Your tupperware cupboard makes a great place to put your coffee to-go mugs and the lids can fit with the other container lids.

Use a larger tupperware to hold all the tops to your containers (making sure that  you purge the lids that have lost their container).

Way in the back I used another large container to hold any plastic plates I have.

There you have it...simple, yet organized. If you have any great tupperware tips, leave a comment below. We all can benefit from each others tips!

Happy organizing room-by-room!

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