Organize 2011...Your Baking Drawer and Cupboard

I love to be in my kitchen and needed to get my baking essentials in order. I had a baking drawer, but it felt unorganized. I also wanted to be able to find all of my baking pans and such in one place. So I did it! A baking headquarters for all things baked!

My Planner Perfect is seen just above on the counter to write out what I needed

First things first, and get rid of ugly, used, measuring utensils. If yours are in good condition, great. If not, don't pitch of course until you plan when you're going to replenish. Nothing like going to reach for a measuring cup that is now in the trash! So, make sure you write down new baking things you want to treat yourself with; I do this in my monthly goal section in my Planner Perfect because you're worth it! This way if you have a running list of your faves, you can treat yourself little-by-little.

Knowing when you're going to treat yourself is being just as organized as your drawer!

I bought wire containers to hold my measuring cups, one for my measuring spoons, and one that holds some miscellaneous items. This makes for a tidy, baking drawer.

Some items to have on hand in your baking drawer are:

Now, onto the baking cupboard, in which mine I have under my baking drawer. That way all is in one location.

Here I have everything that I would use to bake:

I wanted to give you better look at this, ladies, because it is handy and you must do this if your looking for a way to save space and keep some larger items handy.

I got this off of Martha Stewart's site and love it. They are simply, tension rods! Use the smallest ones, adjust to your cupboard dimensions and viola! You've got a great place to keep your cooling racks, muffin tins and cooling racks.

I hope this gets your kitchen, baking items in one happy place...organized!

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