How the Law of Attraction Creates a Beautiful Woman on the Inside and Out

In the 3rd part of the series, Laws of Attraction, we're going to discuss how using the Law of Attraction can
create a beautiful woman on the inside and out.

I love reading books that inspire me to be my personal best. And A Course in Weight Loss is one of them. It is not just another diet book because it isn't so much about losing weight (though that is what will happen) and the rules of what you should eat and not eat as much as why we're overweight in the first place, and how we can listen to your bodies again. I am going to point out some gems in this book that will help us look at the issues in our lives that keep us from being the weight God designed us to have.

Plus... I came across this beautiful website that is all about weight loss and how to come to find your true self. She talks of being mindful of what we eat...I love it and I have her link here to check out.

There are 21 spiritual lessons in this book, and here are some gems that I just love.

I think one of the key points I love in this book is the knowledge that God designed our bodies to be slim. God designed our bodies with everything we need to recognize fullness and hunger. It is a miraculous thing in itself. When we don't listen to our bodies, we are not being mindful and not nourishing our bodies the way God intended.

Taken from the book, A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever       
     "You should be committed to yourself becasue God is committed to you. How else but through the thoughts that natuarlly emerge within you can He impress Himself upon your soul? In listening to yourself, you're tuning in to the vibrations of the Spirit that are the natural communication of the Creator with the created. 
     God doesn't have a plan for Miss America, but not for you. God doesn't have a plan for some movie star, but not for you. There is a Divine plan by which each and every person's life is programmed for the highest level of creativity and goodness and truth. There are roses and daisies and peonies and violets, all very different but all very beautiful. Nature sees us as expressions of itself, and to accept that expression, to honor the natural flow of your own thoughts and feelings, is not just a gift you give yourself--it is your gift to the world. 
     When you grasp excessively for anything in this world--and for you that happens to be food--you deny what is trying to emerge from deep within you. Failing to experience what is supposed to happen --your own internal communion with self--you are thrown into an awful, primordial void, bereft by what feels like the absence of your Creator. You don't really mean to be grasping for food. You mean to be grasping for God. And there is only one way to do that. You cannot find Him except where He lives. And He lives in you."

I loved the way she put all of this and isn't so true? 

One of the things she mentions in this book is about forgiveness. Forgiving others that have hurt you, and asking God to reveal to you whom we've hurt so we can ask for forgiveness. Once I started asking God to show me the sin in my life, I was convicted almost immediately! 
Being spiritually awake is important in renewal of the mind. If we don't, these things can make us stagnant, can stop us in our tracks to being all God created us to be. We cannot grow in our lives if we are not listening. Or can we grow if we are ignorant to our own sin. 

I love this--
   "This course aims to put geniune love back into your relationship with food: not counterfeit love, not substitute love, but genuine love. Love and gratitude that food nourishes and sustains you. Love and gratitude that bonds among families and friends. Love and gratitude that food is something you have the right to enjoy, once you learn to relate to it with Divine detachment. 
    Detachment means that you can take it or leave it;you can enjoy food if you're hungry, but you can leave it alone if you're not. Love, as always, is the key to making things right. By learning to love food, you will stop obsessing about it. And the obsession, not the food, is your actual problem."  

My last gem--
     "Remind yourself in every moment how important it is for you to be in touch with your own thoughts and feelings. from that place only, will you honor deeply enough the thoughts and feelings of others. If you deny yourself, you will always deny other people. But connection to your own truth, you will begin to connect more deeply with the truth in others. Through that connection, you will free yourself from a false connection to food. At that point, food will become as important as it is meant to be--no more, and no less. 

I hope you found these gems as wonderful as I did... 
As you can see, we are spiritual beings that God created for His purpose. We are called to be the best we can be for Him and that goes for our bodies and keeping them healthy. When we are taking care of ourselves from the inside--it will take care of the outside.  

A beautiful woman on the inside and out.

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