Organize 2011...Your Pantry

 Organizing Your Pantry
It's time to clean out that pantry! Get out your planners and make a slot in one of your days to get this done. Here are some steps to get your pantry, fresh and organized. Even if you don't have a huge walk-in pantry, you can have a clean, organized space for your pantry.

Take everything and purge anything outdated, stale chips, and items you will never use 

Wipe everything down and clean it

Begin by putting all your food into groups that belong together: baking items, cereals, pastas, chips, canned goods etc...

Containers for your flour, sugars, rice, cereals and pastas are a great way to keep a crisp look to your pantry but also protects against pests. Glass jars with sealed lids, and heavy plastic containers are a good way to go.
For onions and potatoes, baskets hold these quite nicely. Images down below of containers...Get out your clipboard with your reinforced loose-leaf paper to jot down some things that you'll need or new baskets and containers you'd like to purchase. Your list of items fits easily into your monthly goal pages for when you're ready to purchase

Begin putting everything back in your organized fashion

Step back and feel good. Another organized section of your home!

baskets are a great way to keep potatoes neat

plastic containers give it a clean look

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