Plan Theme Nights from Around the World with Your Kids

Plan Theme Nights with Your Children
Next Stop...Mexico!

Honestly, when I embarked on this with my children as a fun way to learn, I didn't know it would be this much fun! Lucky for me, I have a wonderful friend who lives up the street from me who not only has some Mexican in her, but cooks and speaks it, too. She was the one to call when it came to planning my day with authentic foods and fun. Plan this one with your children and let the fun begin!
Yes, we made a pinata. What fun it was, too. Print off these simple instructions and give yourself at least 3-4 days to complete. I planned for my Mexican theme on a Wednesday and started the pinata on Sunday. 

printable recipe

To make the glue:
3 cups flour
2 cups water
Stir to make a paste

Newspaper, torn into strips
1 balloon 
streamers, markers anything you want to decorate your pinata 
regular Elmer's glue
candy and small pinata toys
heavy duty string to hold up your pinata
aprons...this gets messy 

(you can use shaped balloons, too, to create fun ones other than a circle). I used just a regular balloon for us newbies and thought I'd get more creative once I had this one mastered. 

Blow up the balloon and dip the strips of newspaper into the homemade glue paste and lay all over the balloon. Do this to cover the whole balloon, giving it a good 3 coat coverage of dipped newspaper. Allow to dry, it takes about 3 days. I had mine sit in a bowl to help circulation of air. Keep rotating the balloon in the bowl to ensure it is all drying well.

Once dry, pop the balloon, and it's time to decorate! We used streamers of all different colors and glued them on. We even had some hanging off the bottom. I just let the kids have at it and they had a lot of fun!

Now cut, carefully a hole (just half of one so you can close the flap) at the top to fill in the candy. You can take out the deflated balloon in the inside. 

Cut two holes on each side of the hole at the top and tie tough string through and tie. This will enable you to tie another piece of yarn to it as a way to harness it up high to hit. I used our swing-set, taking out one of the swings to accommodate all the swinging. 

Load it up full of candy, grab a handkerchief if some children want to be blindfolded, a stick (we used a broom) and you're ready for some true Mexican fun! 

ahora es el momento para la cena
Translation: Now it's time for dinner!
We had fun making guacamole, and homemade tortillas for a full taco bar.   
You will never eat or buy store-bought tortillas again. This is easy, fun, and everyone can help. Click here to get the full menu for our Mexican night over at PPM, Planner Perfect Meals. 

For dessert...Churros

My friend, when suggesting this recipe for us for dessert, rolled her r's when pronouncing the name Churro. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! The nerve being so darn cute saying it with an of the many reasons why I love her:)

Read about this country together in your day, practice some Spanish together, (it makes for  great dinner discussion) and end the meal with breaking the pinata! This way Dad can celebrate with everyone. 

Learning about Mexico will be fun and educational for all involved. My 6-yr. old son told me it was the best day ever!

Have fun on your theme night...and share some countries you do with your children!

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