How to Plan Your Family's Spring Wardrobe

Spring Wardrobe Inventory

Spring is finally here and I am loving it! It is the season of easy dress. You know what I’m talking about…no longer do we have to put heavy coats and boots on our children, be in frigid temperatures, and stuff them into their car seats to go somewhere. It’s flip-flop season, and I personally don’t care if I see left over muddy, snow piles—it’s spring and we’re wearing them! But what about the rest of your family’s spring and summer wardrobe…are you ready?

In my April, monthly pages of my planner, it holds all of my month’s dreams and goals. It also holds my wardrobe needs for my family. This keeps all of us looking our best, our closets cleaned out of old clothes that don’t fit or are worn, and gets clothes handed down to younger siblings or given to charity. My Planner Perfect tip is a fun one. It’s time for spring inventory!

To start, I get my clipboard with loose-leaf paper assigned for each child, put my hair in a bun and my pen behind my ear. (This is serious business you know!) Now I’m ready to go through each child’s closet and drawers. Get your children in there to help. Let them tell you what they need for the spring and summer months, and have them clear their drawers of winter clothes for you. This makes it easier for you to take a look at what they have and put into the piles: fits, handed down, and charity. Take inventory of their needs and get it written down on their page. Don’t forget their shoes, socks, jackets and undergarments. 

Once finished with each child, head onto your own closet. Get rid of clothes that you never wear, and write down what you need to look and feel your best for spring and summer. Go over your purses, shoes and undergarments and purge what has seen better days.

Put these hardworking pages of gold, in your April, monthly pages. This harnesses your wardrobe inventory and enables you to get them as budget allows. I love waiting for our favorite store’s spring sales, and getting great deals on what they need. Check it off as you go and you’ve got yourself Planner Perfect Wardrobes! You save money when you're planned, you are more organized when your planned, and everyone looks and feels great. It’s simply…Planner Perfect!

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