Planning a Memorable Easter

Planning a Memorable Easter

It's April...and Easter will be here before you know it! Are you planned? Here are some great planning tips, crafts, and meals, to keep you organized, fresh, and prepared for this wonderful time of year. 

It's time to get all the details of your Easter in your monthly-goal section of your planner, now. Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, grab a nice pen, and get in your planner and dream about this day and the days leading up to it. 

What are some crafts you want your children to do? What teaching tools could you use to teach your children about Jesus and the resurrection? What could you fill in their baskets that have meaning and is fun? A truly successful Easter, deserves your time to dream about. And Planner Perfect holds it perfectly. From your menu plan to your Easter crafts and planning tips...this post will get you organized and ready!

Planning Your Easter:
In your April goal month, pages, begin planning out all the details of your Easter. Create a header that writes:  Easter 2011, and under it are going to be your bullet points full of details. I usually begin with my menu, for Good Friday, Easter breakfast , and our Easter dinner.   
Over at Planner Perfect Meals, I have a complete guide to how best plan for your Easter menu. Check this out for more on these important Easter meal planning tips!
 Click here for the recipe for these amazing Hot Cross Buns
Try these hot cross buns for your Good Friday. They are sure to please... 
Click here for this 4-strand, Easter Challah, recipe that I traditionally serve every Easter. It is as beautiful as it is delicious! 

More recipes to come as I post sure to watch for those over at PPM...Planner Perfect Meals! They include Easter breakfast and dinner recipes such as:

Scrambled eggs in pastry cups
Fruit cups with homemade whipped cream
Hot cross buns

Easter ham with a citrus glaze
Prosciutto wrapped asparagus
Decorated Carrot cake in a sheet pan

Next...start thinking about and write down with it's own sub-title in your planner, your Easter decor. Write down some ideas for your table decorations for your Easter dinner table, and home. 
Here is an idea for name cards sporting themselves in a cute spring outfit...
How to create daffodil name cards:
small clay pots (one per guest)
craft moss
silk daffodils (1 per guest) or any flower you want...I also used little white daisies
paper clips
scrapping paper (I used some cute patterned tags I found at a craft store)
candy eggs

So easy to do...put the moss into the pot, the daffodil, position the tag onto the paperclip and sit in there along with the cute candy eggs. 

Other ideas for decor include simple items, such as fresh tulips and daffodils in vases, and colored hollowed eggs nestled by candles or in a basket sitting in some straw. Other Easter decor ideas are an Easter tree and/or wreath. Be looking for those posts as I try them out for my family!

Don't forget any linens you might need or spring napkins for your table. If you do already have these, plan when to get these ironed so you are prepared. All of things need to be jotted down, if you don't they will become unnecessary, last minute stressors.

Have Easter crafts down as a sub-title to plan some fun crafts with your children. We made resurrection eggs that tells the story leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. You and your children will love building this together and reading out of the bible. Each egg represents part of the Easter story.
Check out Homeschooling Belle for complete, printable instruction on how to create your own resurrection eggs, Easter tree and instruction on how to hollow-out eggs to cherish for years to come!

Create a title for your family's Easter wardrobe. Look through your family's closets and find out what they need for Easter day. Everyone should have something to look forward to, new to put on; even if it's some new tights or hair bows. Write down each family members name down in your planner with what they need for Easter underneath it. Purchase these items when you can within your weeks leading up to Easter and check off as you purchase them. This keeps you organized and everyone ready for Easter. 
{PP Tip! The earlier you plan for this in your planner, the more ready you can be for Easter. If you feel you need or want a lot of things, start planning and purchasing earlier than your month of April}

 Plan your Easter basket ideas now, purchase throughout your month leading up to Easter. Put some thought into this and you can really have some beautiful Easter basket fillers. I love to think of each child and what they may love. Something small, but has some true Easter meaning. Some Easter basket filler ideas include: Devotional books or bibles,
Veggie Tales An Easter Carol, movie for little ones, Christian cds, cross necklaces, and the like... 

When these beautiful plans are all in your planner, you will be so organized and prepared. I hope you and your family have a wonderful, memorable Easter this year...

Many Blessings!

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