Planning Mother's Day

It may sound silly to plan your own Mother's day, but I'm telling you from works!  


Well, I have had some Mother's days, unplanned, that have been, well how do I say this... disappointing

Not that my family doesn't  shower me with love, it's just sometimes the love just fizzles out fast in the day.

You moms know what I'm talking about; one minute you're basking in your Mother's day glory and next minute someone is fighting over the cereal box, and your next 10-minutes is with a broom and dustpan and the day keeps going with that same momentum. 

Good feeling gone.

To be honest, I look forward to this day as though it were my birthday. After all, I'm a Mom and proud of it! I have 7 babes ranging from eighteen to three and a handsome husband. I would love to wake up to the aroma of bacon and eggs being prepared for me, I don't want to do any housework all day, yet still have a clean home, do something fun like shop for flowers, and I want everyone to be in great moods and that means, no fighting children and everyone showers me with love and kisses! 

Is that too much to ask? 

The truth is--and this is from experience of course, it is. And that is why having your special day planned is just plain smart. It's taking care of ourselves, and that in turn makes us better Mothers. All the wonderful surprises and love that we receive on this special day, are going to be icing on the cake! 

Here is some tips to ensure an amazing Mother's day. You deserve it!

Get out those planners {Ideally, you'll want to be dreaming this up in April; once you get your groove-on with life planning, this will come natural and easy to do. }

In your Planner Perfect, put these ideas in your May goal pages, this is so you can be dreaming up ideas for your own mother, and get a lot of ideas and details down. Transferring this to your daily pages will then be easy. Script your Mother's day header at the top and if you've got a cute flower sticker to adorn your page...stick that on there, too!  

(PP tip: I love to keep stickers of different seasons in my planner for just these occasions. It creates beauty on my pages.)


Begin thinking of what you'd like to do for your own mom. My mom is in town and I like to celebrate her on the day before so I can devote attention to her fully and then Sunday is with my own family. If yours is not near, thinking about this earlier is important so you can get your gift sent on time and you've had time to put thought into her and what she'd like on this day, too.

What would you like to do for breakfast? I would love to have a big breakfast with everyone, so I make sure my kitchen is spotless before I go to bed and that I've got my pancake batter ready or whatever I'd love to prepare in the morning; easy for anyone or even I to prepare in the morning. Afterward, having everyone pitch in to pick-up to keep the kitchen tidy or if not already on it, have them pick-it up for you while you read a book or do something for yourself, like getting ready for the day.

Write down how you'd like to have your home look. I love to wake-up to a clean house. So on Saturday, I get my house in order and chores complete by everyone in the family to ensure this. Your Mother's day will feel fantastic with a clean home; even quarreling children are not that problematic if your not staring down messes in every room you look. 

What do you want to do in your day? I know this year where I live, the day is going to be sunny without a cloud in the sky...I want to pick out my flowers and hanging baskets. Then come home and children can get on their gardening gloves with me and we can plant all afternoon and follow it up with a lemonade.

In the afternoon, go for a walk, and make sure you have your favorite coffee or tea on hand so you can prepare it for a relaxing time in your day...

Dinner? Write down what you'd like to have happen. I know I'm bored sick of crowds and Mother's day is always busy. I prefer to eat at home with the comfort of my own family. I don't mind cooking, I love preparing a wonderful meal for us will be fun. Having your husband man the grill is one way to keep the kitchen clean and less cooking for you. Enjoy your favorite coffee out on patio while your man grills and you and your children set the   table.

Dessert is a must! If you like baking...make your favorite cake the day before and keep it in your fridge for your special day. If your family already does this for you, then you've got this step covered. But if this is something you'd like to help celebrate, make sure you get it done, by baking it or buying your favorite at a local bakery. 

Write down how you would like to finish your night. Is it with a bath, painted  nails and a good book, once the young kids are in bed? Why not? Get it planned and make it happen. 

Ahh...what a great day! And these are just some example that I've done. Your day will be unique to you.

I hope that you see how planning your day and days leading up to your Mother's day is important. Being a life planner is vital for your mental health, personal growth, being completely organized, and ensuring a Mother's day of you deserve..

Have a wonderful Mother's day, friends! I would love to hear all about your Mother's day...leave a comment sharing how you celebrated and how planning it first, sealed the deal!


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