Planning a Spectacular 4th of July

Planning Your 4th of July can be easy with a little planning ahead of time. So get out those planners, because I've found a collection of great crafts, foods, decor, and learning fun, to help celebrate this 4th of July!

Being a homeschooling, mama, I am always on the look-out and finding opportunity to use life as a learning tool. The 4th of July is full of history and one of our favorite ways to learn about it is at the book store or library. One of the great things I love about reading together at the book store is that we order our favorite drinks, too! We make a day out of it; there are a lot of books to cover and what a fun way to learn. So plan to spend an afternoon reading about America, together, a couple days before the 4th (it gets them excited about reading, too!).

Your 4th of July Menu

 Planing the 4th of July, menu, to me, is the fun part. Write down what you want to serve this Independence Day and write out all of the details. If you are entertaining many, all more the reason to get your menu down and jot down what others are bringing to the festivities. (I like to put their name by their dish to keep me organized.) Over at Planner Perfect Meals, I have an amazing 4th of July, menu and you might want to check these recipes, out! Some include:

This cake is one of my favorites and I know you'll love it, too. A moist white cake with cream cheese frosting and berries. Click here for my recipe

 This pasta salad is delicious! Black olive, ripe tomatoes, and creamy goat cheese top this multicolored pasta. Click here for the printable recipe

 We love smoking meat in the summer and traditionally for the 4th we do pork butt. Mmmm, it is so good. With my homemade bbq sauce, coleslaw and is a winner. Check out our 4th menu with this recipe, here.

Homemade lemonade is of course, summer. Check out my recipe for this simple, homemade lemonade treat.

These are some of my Family Fun favorites
Rocket-Dog Hot Dogs
How fun are these rocket dogs that I found over at F.F. They are simple and festive! Click here for the recipe!
 Spangled Ice-Cream Pops
I thought these were so festive and fun for kids! Easy to do and fun to eat. Click here for the how-to.

 4th of July Crafts

A Star-Spangled Ride
Is this not cool for kids? I am going to definitely spruce up my kid's bikes this 4th. We have a ton of kids in the neighborhood and they would be a hit! Click here for the how-to on creating this Star-Spangled, ride!

  Isn't this fun? Patriotic Punch Cups and their names to keep it organized. Love it! Click here for the how-to

I thought these hats were darling! I found these at Country here for details.

My Favorite 4th of July Decor

 These cute fans from Martha Stewart are fun and here for assembly. Can be put on your table to festive things-up a bit, or you could even put them in your flower pots. My mom would always put the little flags in her overflowing flower pots and it's amazing how just a small touch of festive can make such a huge impact. 

Isn't this cute? Found it over at Country Living. Click here for details on how you can make this for your 4th of July, party.

Flag Relay

This game looks like fun! You just need some flags, sand in 2 buckets, and kids! Click here for complete game instructions.

Remember to get all these 4th of July plans in your July, monthly goal pages and then speckle them in your days to execute them.
I hope that you find these fun 4th of July craft, food, decor and games inspiring. I know they are for me! Have a wonderful happy, safe, 4th of July!

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