Ten Summer Fun Ideas to Do With Your Kids

Swimming is always the best way to celebrate summer and cool down from the heat. But what other ideas are out there? Well, here are some of my top 10 picks for summer fun...

Reading together! 
Instead of summer reading programs that try to inspire reading for prizes, try reading together, or find great books, together, for them as summer reads and inspire reading for the love of it, instead.

One idea of book-love, is one my daughters and I have always loved, and that is to host book clubs and the summer can be a fun time to host! Gather some neighborhood girlies, meet 2 times a month, discuss your books with some fun food and you've got some summer fun!

Another idea is to read books that are coming out in theaters, together, and then go and see the movie. We've enjoyed this a lot.

These are some of our fun reads that my children loved reading together all summer long:
The Tale of Despereaux Movie Tie-In Junior NovelizationThe Chronicles of NarniaThe Miraculous Journey of Edward TulaneMeet Molly: An American GirlJudy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (Judy Moody Movie Tie-In)

A lot of bowling alleys offer free summer bowling. Check out your area for one near you!
kids bowl free.com has a list of participating bowling alleys 
Rain or shine, bowling is always fun!

Go Camping! 
We're big campers and camp as various places all summer long. But camping doesn't mean you have to leave your back yard. You can always set-up camp in your yard, catch fire flies and make s'mores all in the comforts of your back yard. No matter where you are, it will create wonderful memories!

Create! Do Fun Crafts
What child doesn't like crafts? I know my oldest daughter was obsessed! When is craft time? When is craft time? 
Here are some fun summer-time crafts to do with your kids: 36 Family Fun Summer Crafts
Check out my craft/diy tab to find out some of our favorites

4th of July, Fun!
The 4th of July is the smack dab in the middle of summer and is so fun to celebrate. Not only is it a great way to study some history on our country's independence, but also a time to make some Independence Day, crafts and games, and make a flag cake, together! 

Make a Lemonade Stand
My children love doing this! I throw in some homemade cookies to sell, too, and they've now made some real money! 
This is a wonderful way to teach them about money and business. I have my children help pay for the ingredients and supplies, help make the cookies and lemonade, and they learn a great deal about operating a business; this is a fun way to help celebrate summer!

Teaching our children about helping others is one way to show love this summer. Check out this link for some charitable activities to do as a family

Host a summer slumber party
This one my girls just love, but doesn't mean your sons can't throw a dude bash. Pizza, some fun decor, plan a scavenger hunt and make a fun cake; you've got yourself a killer start to a great sleepover. Include nail painting and girly masks for a girl sleepover, and movies and PS3 games for the boys. Fun that they'll always remember!

Have a Movie night
I love watching movies with the whole family. Drive-in movies are a lot of fun in the summer and/or saving to see the summer kid-friendly movies in the theaters, is worth every penny. We've rented movie projectors and have watched movies in our yard outdoors, invited the neighbors and popped popcorn. What fun! Lay out blankets and throw some pillows out on the lawn and you've got some serious summer fun!
But it doesn't mean you can't have just as much fun watching a great movie at home. Pop a big bowl of popcorn to share and snuggle in on a summer night.

Go to a Summer Concert... 
 Summer concerts are usually done every summer, check out the happenings this summer in your local area. They can be a lot of fun!

There you have it! My top 10 all time favorite summer fun ideas!