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 It's All About Boys!

I am a homeschooling mama of seven children; four of them being boys. 

Their ages are fifteen, eleven, six and three. Raising boys can be a lot of fun because they are, well, different than me. Not to mention I love their adventurous spirit, their love for everything dirty, insects, Nerf guns, and monster trucks (to name a few!). I adore the relationship between my boys and my husband, too, who shares his love for the outdoors and hunting with them. He has a wonderful time teaching them everything he knows... it is a blessing to witness. 

One element that I cherish is the bond between a mother and son; it is very special. Of course my love is equal amongst both sexes, but the distinction is that I am the first woman in my sons lives; I have the awesome opportunity to show them how to love and think from the heart. Along with their father's love showing them how to be strong... it's a wonderful balance. 

Nothing beats when my son is sentimental about, and adores, all my homemade cooking; his big hearts in his eyes says it all. Or the times that I am there for him when he is vulnerable and needs me the most. 

It is a privilege to be my sons mother.

Here are some key elements that are important to us in raising our boys:

Spirit-Controlled Temperaments. But along with the fun, as with raising girls, it can have it's challenging times, too. My boys have strong temperaments (All four of them!) and part of my mission with my boys is to teach them how to temper, their temperaments, and guide them to be spirit-controlled. All temperaments are wonderful and each unique, keeping them spirit-controlled gives them the tools they need to utilize it for God's glory.
Click the link above for a great book read on the spirit-controlled temperament.
Mutual Respect. Mutual respect is a very important aspect in raising children. I want to respect my children and be respected. they need to know that they can trust me, that I love them with all of my heart, that I respect them, and most importantly that I am fallible leading by example to say sorry when needed and teaching them how to forgive.

Example and Truth. With raising boys we have a responsibility as parents to guide them by example and truth on giving them the foundation and tools they'll need to be grow into strong, Godly men who will one day, take care of their family and home. Whew...that is a big responsibility, isn't it?

We Need God! I have learned much raising children these past eighteen years and the biggest one is that it is far from easy! And the job cannot be done without Christ who strengthens me. *Philippians 4:13* Without Him, I feel powerless, like it's the world against me and my children. And I don't have to feel that way. I have God on my side; who has my back and loves them even more than I do. I need to give them daily over to God. (Sometimes this can be challenging!

A great way to pray for your children is to keep a prayer journal. I have mine in my Planner Perfect, planner. Keep a page for each child listing all that you want to pray about over them. This is great for keeping all of it in one place and wonderful to see when God is working and  can see the answered prayer. 

* And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive*

~Matthew 21:22

If you are a mama of boys, what can you share to encourage? Leave a comment below and let's encourage each other:)

Here is to raising our sons to be strong, loving, godly men, moms!


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