My All-Time Favorite Summer Book Reads

Summer is a great time to read all of your favorite books. I absolutely love bringing mine to the beach, when we go camping and boating, or even at our local pool. How can you read with little ones, you ask? Believe it or not, I still can and you can, too. With a little thought and planning on when and how...even with little ones you can enjoy your favorite summer book-reads.

It's funny, I never enjoyed reading until I became an adult. And I feel like I've been making up for lost time ever since! From the Classics to the New York Times, bestsellers... it's all I've  been wanting to do. But it doesn't happen for me with my large family, without a plan

In my Planner Perfect, I write in the goal section of the month(s) I want to read my faves. From the books collecting dust on my shelves, to the ones I want to buy. I save up my Borders Bucks, use my coupons, and head out with a skip in my step. *I'm not a library girl if you haven't noticed, I just love buying amazing books that inspire and move me, they have a special place on my bookshelf.* Next, I think about how I'm going to read these when there is so much to do just to maintain a house and take care of kiddos all day. So, I write out my action plan and mine is to take the time to read at night when I lay the babes down to bed. It's been heaven! And I take my newest novel with me whenever we hit the pool (I read on the breaks when the kids are shoving some popcorn in their ravenous bellies) and when we hit the beach, camp, or pull the kids on the tubes while boating. These ideas might work for you, too, but everyone is different, so map out when your best book-read slots are... you'll enjoy the fact that you actually can read you favorite novel and still have dinner on the table and the laundry done.

Here are some of my all-time favorite book reads that I've been reading and some that I will read, all summer long:

The Help.  Kathryn Stockett

Vanishing Acts Jodi Picoult

RoomEmma Donoghue

Water for Elephants. Sara Gruen

Then came you. Jennifer Weiner

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Betty Smith
Before I Go to Sleep. S.J Watson

Faith. Jennifer Haigh

The Condition. Jennifer Haigh

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. David Wroblewski
Labor Day. Joyce Maynard

Imaginary Girls. Nova Ren Suma

"Picnik Show"
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These are what I've got my hands on to read; I've already read quite a few of them and have wept with joy, laughed out loud, and felt I knew every single one of these characters, intimately. 

Go friends. Get a handful of books, map out your reading time around your family, leave me some comments on what some of your book-reads are and what you've thought about mine, and have fun diving into these books. 

To reading!

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