Great Tools to Keep You Organized. Part One

Part One in Organizational Tools...The Post-it Note
There a couple tools that help aid in my planning and they will for you, too. For part one out of three is the, Post-it notes. My sweet, sweet, friend...

Post-it notes are invaluable and let me tell you why...and no, to my sticky friends, they are not for sticking all over the house or your forehead to remember things like, so-and-so's wedding and changing the cat litter box! The Post-it notes are perfect to stick on your planning pages on the day you are running errands and these little pages of gold hold your list(s).  Simply un-peel and go! I like to stick mine to my small notebook I carry for journaling in my purse. Easy, effective, and organized!

Why don't I just write these lists in my notebook I already carry in my purse? 

There is a good reason for this...and the reason will keep you more organized. I like to write these errand lists in advance in my planner so I can alter it and/or add to it as the day draws closer. Remember that preparing for your errands in advance and having this in your planner ahead of time is what Planner Perfect is all about. You also don't want to ever write duplicate lists (one in your planner another in your purse), this is confusing and not efficient organization. My journal in my purse are for those light bulb moments I love to jot down while I'm out. But as for my list of things I need at the store? I keep it all in one central location and that is on my sticky note, in my Planner Perfect, on the day I'm running the errand.

Post-it note, has large-lined sticky paper that gives you plenty of room to write down errands and/or lists of things to buy. Now remember, save these sticky papers for small errands. If I have a big day full of things I need to go and do, or my grocery meal planning list for the week, I simply, have my daily page that I'm currently in that still harness my goals for the day and I utilize the next page as my full errand-running, stops and lists. This way the whole page can simply be torn out and taken with me when the busy day arrives. 

I'm always organized and ready with this handy tool. Post-it notes serve as a compliment to Planner Perfect, planning. So run and get yourself some Post-it notes and get organized!

If you're new to Planner Perfect...welcome! Click here, to get yourself more acquainted and stay tuned for Part two...

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