Planner Perfect Fall Desserts

 Here are just some of my all-time favorite fall recipes...

Chocolate Molasses Cookies
These are the most yummy, moist, fall cookies you'll eat. When I found these in, Country Living Magazine, I knew that I'd love them! The molasses imparts such a wonderful flavor and creates such a moist cookie. They even have a dusting of brown sugar on top! I love making these every fall, pack them in wax paper sacks, along with a thermos full of hot apple cider and take them with me to the pumpkin patch with the kiddos.
Believe me, they'll be your new fall favorite!
Head on over to Planner Perfect Meals to get this Chocolate Molasses Cookie, printable recipe.

Here is another one of my favorites that I tried out to jazz-up my babe's after-lunch desserts...turns out it was a hit! I just made my chocolate chunk cookie dough and scooped them into my mini muffin tin. I like to call them, Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bites, So fun! Print this recipe out and many more over at Planner Perfect Meals.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bites
You know what's even better than these amazing cookies? Doughnuts for breakfast! And not just any...homemade from scratch. These are made so simply, no rise time and they are the bomb! I make these in about 30 minutes, top! You'll be your children's hero once you give them one of these before school...
Simple Buttermilk Doughnuts
These glazed doughnuts are melt-in-your-mouth, good!
These are my cinnamon/sugar doughnut balls. My kids' favorite!

Print this recipe out, here, for this simple, Buttermilk Doughnut, recipe over at Planner Perfect Meals.

Enjoy friends!