3 Important Habits Every Woman Must Keep

 I've pulled this one from the archives...

I've taken note of 3 different things I do in my day that create amazing results! When applied, I am in a fabulous mood, have cleanliness, order, and spiritual and mental renewal. Planner Perfect is set-up to keep me on top of my game by harnessing these pinnacle epiphanies in the days when I need them. Written statements of intent create personal growth...and  I need to make these 3 disciplines, habitual...as I have the propensity for scratching my planned days to blog with my pajamas on 'till noon. Of course, I have regret once I look at the aftermath of my neglect... messy dishes scattered throughout the kitchen from children helping themselves to breakfast, blaring music booming through speakers of an upstairs bedroom, and smaller children blissfully making snow angels out of packing peanuts on my living room floor. Where did they find these?

Was pursuing my interests at the expense of chaos worth it? Hardly. No matter what keeps you off track... heed these disciplines and make them a habit because these are 3 habits all Planner Perfect women must keep!

Get up before your children. If I can get some coffee in my system before my 2-year tells me his plans for the morning, I'm starting off well. It is important for moms to have alone time and it is important to plan for it. Also, as you all know, being a mother means you need to always adjust, as things usually never go as planned. Have a plan B such as planning the time for yourself at night when children are asleep.
My initial plan is to have my devotions, look over my planner, and have some coffee in the morning before all seven children come down and hit the ground running. Get it written down, your statement of intent for the day...it's what sets apart the truly organized and the, not-so-much...

Plan a morning routine and stick to it! Make breakfast, take out the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, and clean up breakfast dishes...don't forget to recruit your children to help if and when they can. The kitchen is the main hub of the home, keep this room functioning at it's best and it will keep you feeling organized. Get dressed, make beds, and whatever else you want your family to get done in the morning. Make it a team effort and write these morning routines in your planner to show you're serious. You're half-way there when you write it down. Planner Perfect, harness life plans, beautifully and keeps you organized... it's all in the details.  

Plan time in your day for your interests. Do you ever have that stressed out feeling in your busy days that you'll never get to that project you're working on? Feel that stress no more! When you plan your time slot for yourself...you know it is a saved slot just for you. Depending on where you put it in your day...you could plan to have it out at a coffee shop and arrange babysitting, you can dive in at home and have your kids watch their favorite movie (just make sure they don't find a box of packing peanuts!), or wait until evening when they are in bed. Whatever energizes you, however you want to achieve it, you won't be able to without a plan. Plan out in detail not just when in the day you'll get it done, but how.

There you have it! 3 fundamental habits Planner Perfect women must keep. But remember, sometimes plans are to be broken and scratching all your plans will be just the right thing to do. Movie watching in the morning with hugs and kisses with your little ones or a special time with your teen just talking amidst a messy home trumps any plans you've made. Don't be rigid with your own plans you've set; remember to be flexible if need be. If you are keeping to it most of the time, you will be set-up for success in your days.

What keeps you organized?

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