A Fun Spooky Lunch

Mummy Hotdogs and Homemade Garlic Chips

In lieu of Halloween coming up...

This is a fun, kid lunch and it was fun to get the kids involved on this one. I had my baking day planned for Sunday, so I had made some white bread and used some of the dough to make the mummies. (I then used the rest of that dough to bake up some small cinnamon rolls! Yummo!) I just took a small piece of the dough and wrapped it around the hotdog leaving a small space for the eyes. So cute! My little 3-yr. old helped wrap him up.

 For the chips, I made these with some Yukon gold potatoes I had on hand and using a mandolin made them thin, fried them up, and seasoned them with a homemade simple garlic salt using salt, pepper, and granulated garlic. What a hit!

And for dessert? A no bake chocolate peanut butter and oatmeal cookie...ahhh, we ate like kings. All the while my homemade bread was in the oven tempting us with its delicious aromas! 
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