How to Make a Mummy Meal

Plan to make these cute mummy pizzas this week. Aren't they fun? My kids have made these every Halloween. Early afternoon on Halloween Day, I get my dough rising and my sauce bubbling away ready for our dinner. I set the table with my orange and black plaid tablecloth, orange and black paper plates, a carved lit pumpkin adorns the center of our table glowing, exciting the children for their upcoming candy adventure, and lastly, I get their station ready for everyone to make their own mummies for dinner. I need to get their bellies full before they venture off into the cool air, disguised as someone else (or something) to fill their bags full of candy. We don't put ours in muffin tins like the image above; instead I give my kids a small ball of my pizza dough to work with and they press out a small circle for their own mummy canvas. That way they aren't bite-size, they will have actually made a full mini pizza; one single serving.

Here's how to make these adorable mummy pizzas:

Make your pizza dough
My ultimate pizza dough is delicious. Click here for the recipe over at Planner Perfect Meals

Make your pizza sauce
Without a good sauce...your pizza won't taste as good. Here is my all-time favorite pizza sauce recipe. Let it bubble away on your stove all-afternoon while it develops its full flavor.

Black olives sliced
2 per mummy for the eyes

1-2 mozzarella sticks 
These are for your mummy wrap

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees

Spray a baking sheet 
I use Pam spray


Give each child a small ball of dough and have them press out into a small circle on floured surface so it doesn't stick

Put a small spoonful of your sauce on their mummy pizza and let them spread around with a spoon leaving the edge for the crust

Have them place the black olives for the eyes

Give each child 2 mozzarella sticks and have them pull to wrap the mummy leaving the eyes exposed. This is super fun!

Using a spatula to help transfer, put on your greased  baking sheet and bake in the oven for about 12 minutes. The cheese will melt leaving the cheese strings semi-intact to create the mummy look!

I hope you have fun making these mummy treats with your babes!

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