Planner Perfect's Quick Clean Plan

Keeping up the house as busy moms is a tough job, isn't it? 

And, if you get behind on any of this house cleaning you can just forget it! It piles up as if to mock you, creating feelings of failure and frustration, and to top it all off, and I'm going to be brutally honest with you, I hate cleaning. 

There. I said it. 

But this is not to be mistaken for my love for a clean home! A clean home makes my mood enlightened, I'm a much more patient mother, things are of course, tidy, and it makes the mood of my home more calm and less stressed.

A clean home is something us moms all strive to have and I've devised a plan that keeps my home clean (As long as I adhere to my plan!) by breaking it up into daily increments so it doesn't hurt so much and it is wonderful! I also have an A.M and P.M. Quick Clean Plan, that keeps me on track so I don't start blogging, reading my email, or even diving into my homeschooling day until I've got it done. Once the basic daily is done and my day's chore, my days will vary and this routine keeps my home clean and organized and ready for the day I have planned.

Change these around a bit to fit your life if need be. If you don't need to make any adjustments, great! But always know that you can make changes to the cleaning plan, this will eliminate feelings of failure if it's not working. Remember, it's your life, create a regimen you can stick with and get it in your goal section of the month you begin in your planners! 

The A.M. and P.M. Quick Clean Routine are to be done, daily, and each day will have its own cleaning chore. Don't forget to recruit your kiddos when you can. They can be super at helping tackle the home (sometimes).

Planner Perfect's Quick Clean Plan


A.M. Daily Routine:
Dishwasher unloaded
Breakfast/dishes cleared and in dishwasher
Beds made/rooms tidy
Get ready for the day

P.M. Daily Routine:
Dinner dishes cleared and kitchen cleaned. Dishwasher loaded and turned on.
10 minute tidy...everyone in the pool! Get all family members to help pick-up the family room or main hub where you hang out; this makes it fresh and clean to wake up to.

Monday Clean: Dust the furniture throughout the house and all wood surfaces. Polish once a month.  

Tuesday Clean: Vacuum the house. I like to do the upstairs in the morning and down the stairs and just work my way around until done. If I don't get it all done in the morning...I wait until I can and finish up in the evening.

Wednesday Clean: 2 bathrooms. I have 2 on my upper level so I tackle only these today. This is a full deep clean washing the floor on my way out. 

Thursday Clean: 2 bathrooms. Finish up any bathrooms you have left, if any. 

Friday Clean: Windex all mirrors and glass doors. Windows once a month.

Saturday Clean: Blinds dusted, wash hard wood floors and do my laundry. I do laundry on one day from stem to stern.

Sunday: No clean! This is one of the days I can get some of my personal goals accomplished as well as get my grocery list for my Monday grocery day.

There you have it! Your game plan for a clean home and it's almost easy! Almost. 
Do you have some quick clean tips you'd like to share?  

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