Where to Put Long-Term Goals

I was busy in my home the other day and my mind was just wandering all over the place of all the things I would love to have, to do, and to create in the future. Ideas, ideas, ideas. They're invigorating!

This is where the lists can start to make their appearance; only to be lost and forgotten. 

Dreams and goals need to be cared for, watered, and harnessed. Just because they can't be achieved in the near future, they still are goals and they are important indeed! They are your long-term goals; and you need just the perfect spot.

Planner Perfect harnesses your long-term goals quite nicely. I keep mine cozy in my planner with a divider labeled just what it is: My Long-Term Goals! If you are already equipped with the Planner Perfect, planner, just add a divider and some reinforced loose-leaf near your journal pages. You are good to go! Click here to find out more about the Planner Perfect, planner.

As long as you are writing your long-term goals and keeping them harnessed, you are well on your way, caring for those goals and keeping them near. You don't want to forget these goals. They are important. I find it is best harnessed with your monthly and daily goal planning; keeping different records in different spots is not conducive with life planning. 

One planner for all your goals and dreams is divine!

*Goals in writing are goals with deadlines*
                                                     ~Brian Tracy

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!