Kid Friendly Food/Fish Shaped Sandwich with Star Crisps

Day 2 of Kid Friendly Foods; the fish sandwich with star crisps. A fun lunch that kids won't refuse. When I saw this fish-shaped bread made by Pepperidge Farm, I knew I needed it. This ham and cheese sandwich never tasted so cute!

The star crisps are made with flour tortillas. Using a mini star cookie cutter, (or any cookie cutter) lay out your tortilla and cut out as many stars as you can. Fry your stars in medium sized skillet and a little vegetable oil that is up to temperature (about 1/2 cup). Once lightly browned and puffy, place on a paper towel lined plate and sprinkle with a little granulated garlic, salt and cracked black pepper. 


But what about a fun dessert that the kids can help make? These peanut butter thumbprints topped with milk chocolate and a pretzel m&m, should do the trick! Click, here, to get the printable recipe.

no-bake thumbprints

Want a fun, quick, delicious breakfast idea? Click here for my amazing biscuits. They are amazing (and I'm not kidding!).

 I hope you enjoy these recipes for your family!


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