Plan a Tree Trimming Party

I've never done a tree trimming party and this year I'm starting a new tradition; this is going to be the beginning of many wonderful memories to come! 

I've always put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I've switched it up a bit. I wanted our Thanksgiving to have the glow of the Christmas tree, and this year, decided to get a real one to boot. We haven't had a real tree since my oldest two were babies and I'm not even going to reveal how many years ago that was! 

Finding the perfect Penton, Christmas tree was going to be fun and off we went searching to find just the right one. With cold noses and frosty hands we found it: tall, full, and handsome!

Once the tree was in place, the smell of this fresh cut tree was stupendous! We all strung the lights, plugged it in, and the whole house was a glow. 

Hot chocolate all around for a job well done! 

I don't want to trim the tree or decorate the house with holly just yet; Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated in its full glory, and just the lit tree itself brings the perfect warmth and cheer to the celebration of food, thanks, and friends and family. 

My plans for my family's, trim-the-tree, party, will be the day after Thanksgiving, with the hard part of getting the tree put up and lights strung and done, the trimming party will be all fun!

Here are my plans for our party and maybe it will ignite some ideas for a trimming party for your family. Remember to script these fun trimming party plans in your November Goal, pages.

Trimming the Tree Menu:
French dip
Relish tray
Soft biscotti 

Homemade eggnog. You'll never go to the carton variety again. I found this at, Jennifer Savor the Thyme. Click here for the recipe.
This crock pot french dip is perfect for the party. Click here for my printable recipe.

This dip is a family favorite that my grandma made every year. You'll love it! Click here for the recipe.
This soft biscotti is out of this world and resembles a doughnut. My Italian family created this recipe and I know your family will love it! Soft, melt in your mouth goodness, dunked in an icing bath...delish! Click here for this Marino family recipe.

We'll play some of our favorite Christmas music, get out all of our ornaments. We'll reminisce about each ornament we find and while the smells of my roast slow cooks in my crock pot, we'll trim all the day long.

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
Charles Dickens

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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