The Planner Perfect, Planner, is Now on Sale!!

I am so excited to announce the completion, drum roll please, of Planner Perfect's custom designed calendar! 
It is so are going to love it. 

Printed on nice card stock, with Planner Perfect tips on each month's calendar page, the daisy is watermarked on each page, too, which is so pretty, and lines are in each calendar's square for an organized look.

You are going to love, love, this 12-month calendar! Undated and can be ordered any time of year...

So without further adieu...with the launch of these new calendars, from now until Christmas day, you can purchase the Planner Perfect, planner, for $5 off the price! Yes, you heard right... Planner Perfect is on sale!

  Get your calendars for your Planner Perfect, planners, for the upcoming new year, here! 
Or order your Planner Perfect, planner, for the first time, now on sale, here!

If you aren't Planner Perfect, is the time. Order your Planner Perfect that is beautifully made, and includes the 40-plus page Planner Perfect, eBook, in the planner, now for $5 off!  

*Just type in planner10 in the promo box when you order*

Here is to an organized new year, girls! And may you have a very, merry Christmas!


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