Organizing Your Finances

Organizing Our Finances

Our family has been on the debt-free plan for awhile and only months away from being completely debt free! It's an exciting way to live and love what Dave Ramsey has to say about envelope budgeting. I was bucking the envelope system for awhile because my husband said I should do it... lol! But, I soon realized, I did need to... and desperately so, with all these children of ours and their growing needs! Plus, I will have to say, I've found some amazing, gorgeous fabric, envelope systems, on Etsy, that caught my eye and can't wait to share it with you! If you're going to be organized, get organized with style!

Check out this one, from Saving Money in Style over at Etsy...

She has so many others to choose from but I just love how cute this was! Look at the beaded and button closure!!
Here is and example of the envelopes that fit inside that you can label as your budget allows. It's perfect! You must check her out over at Saving Money in Style.
This is going to be my next purchase, girls!
I cannot wait... the hard part is just figuring out which one I want! No more paper envelopes, for me, even though those work just fine, too.

For us, our envelopes are for: restaurants, entertainment, clothing, homeschooling (educational supplies), make-up/hair, and groceries... 

The whole premise of the envelope system is that you take your allotment for the week (or whatever your pay period is), figure out how much money you want for each envelope, and put the cash in. Money from each envelope is used just for what is was allotted for; when it is gone, it's gone! You don't overspend and you stay within budget. Those envelopes that don't get spent can stay in there to build upon, or can be put into a savings account. Each pay period it starts over again and you replenish your envelope system.
It's easy, effective, and a great way to be organized.

For more on budgeting your finances with the envelope system, check out Dave Ramsey's website, here.

Here is to getting our finances together using the money envelopes!

What do you think about the money envelopes? Leave a comment if you've used them or plan on using them...we'd love to hear!


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