Organizing Your Kids

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Getting Organized for 2012!
Organizing Your Kids' Spaces

Here are some more of my favorite ideas, finds, and inspirations...

  I just love this from Pinterest! Great if you don't have a lot of space to devote to organizing an entry.

I love how organized, functional and inexpensive this is, and very cute! This could be altered to be in any child's room. 

Is this amazing or what? I have a large chalkboard wall that I just love and this is even better.... chalkboard, a pin board and magnetic wall all in one! Love, love, this.

Muffin tins are perfect for holding craft supplies, keeping a junk drawer clean, or just about anything organized; this is another perfect example. Perfect for when you are going to do a craft with your kids, you just simply fill the cups with the supplies you'd need that particular day, and put in the center of the table for everyone to use! Love it!

I love to be inspired by ideas...and this is another one that inspires me. It's an inspiring idea found, again, on Pinterest!

 I thought this was another craft organizing idea I found on Pinterest and BHG. Easy for kids to find, reach, and create!

Another great way to keep things organized. I love the chalkboard craze; there is just so much you can do with it and always keep organized. This one is perfect, to keep small pieces of art kids might need to create a masterpiece at a moments notice!
BHG idea

Keep watching for more great organizing ideas and giveaways... room by room.

If these ideas inspire you. Get these ideas down as goals in your monthly goal pages in your Planner Perfect. This is how these ideas will become a reality. They will get done! Ideas don't just have to sit on your pinboards for everyone else to follow. Make these inspiring ideas happen! 

For more on how Planner Perfect can harness these ideas and your here.

Have a wonderful day, friends!

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