How to Hollow Eggs

Hollowed Eggs...The How-To

This was so much fun! My children loved doing this and I know yours will, too. These have many versatile uses...for this, we are going to use these to adorn our Easter tree.

What you'll need:
eggs--as many as you want to hollow
dye--you can dye these naturally, or with a dye kit
push-pin--for creating a small hole at both ends of the egg
a bowl--to catch the yolks being blown out of the egg

Poke a whole with your push-pin, gently, at both ends of your eggs. Once you get that tiny hole, start to wiggle it a little to create it a little bigger. You'll need to be able to blow in it. Same with the hole at the bottom, the yolk has to be able to get through, fairly easily. 

Shake the egg, gently, to break up the yoke for easy removal. Begin to blow on one end over your bowl and watch the yolk come out! Continue to do this with all of your eggs, rinsing the egg the best you can with water once finished. Dry the outside of the egg off for the dying process.
Dye as desired and let dry completely before using for your Easter Tree! Next post will be how to create an Easter Tree for your family!


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