10 Days of Kid Friendly Meals/Breakfast

Bacon and cheddar buttermilk biscuits
These buttermilk biscuits are out of this world and a perfect fit for my, 10 Days of Kid Friendly Meals

Breakfast is something that can be easily overlooked until the weekend. We get busy, us moms don't want the fuss, and we like the idea of boxed cereals to help us out, especially for us homeschooling mamas because, after all, we've got 2 more meals and a gazillion snacks to go through before days end. 

Can I get an AMEN?


Let's take another look at breakfast. 

What if we plan our meals and create a baking day in our week so that we can feed our family, well, quick, and deliciously? 

Check out my links on baking days and my video below that will inspire you to take a different look at your meal times and how to prepare for them.

We can feed our babes a delicious breakfast, and not be in the kitchen all morning! Scramble some eggs along side these bad boy, biscuits, and you are going to be in heaven!

These buttermilk biscuits are easy to make, light and flaky, and kick any Pillsbury, canned biscuits, in the pants!! 

I was in love with my buttermilk biscuits all by themselves with a side of scrambled eggs and my apple jelly to go on top...until I decided to shake it up a bit and add cheddar cheese and crisp, chopped bacon. 


Your children will love them. Your husband will love them. You will love them. 
But don't take my word for it, you must try it out for yourself! 

Your breakfast just got delicious!!

Visit PPM for my printable recipe, for baking tips and for these amazing, Bacon and Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits! 
Check out my video on how you can create a baking day...let me know when you plan your first one and check out my list of baking day recipes over PPM for inspiration.


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