10 Days of Kid Friendly Meals/Muffin Tin Meals

Have you heard of Muffin Tin Meals?
Muffin Tin Meals are an American take on the Bento meals. I just so happened to stumble upon this fun blog, Muffin Tin Meals, and fell in love. I bought my large muffin tins for my smaller 3, babes, and they just love it! You can be as creative with it as you want and you have different compartments to put your fun foods in for lunch; mine just freak out!

For this lunch, I made, mini Italian meatballs, served with a toothpick for easy eating, and in the next compartment, some of my leftover spaghetti sauce (for dunking of course). I also served some garlic herb bread from a loaf of crusty french bread, a side salad and cut apples! YUMMO!! So healthy, so delicious, and so fun. 

Lunches should be fun and Muffin Tin Meals are exactly that. 
My Brock enjoying the meatballs dunked in homemade spaghetti sauce

Click here for my meatball recipe over at PPM...authentic Italian spaghetti sauce, recipe, coming soon!

And for dessert? Check out this peanut butter honey crispy balls! They are healthy and divine!

I made these using some cocoa krispies found at Whole Foods, or they can be found at any Health Market in your grocer, and with some natural creamy peanut butter, raw honey and mini chocolate chips, made a treat straight from heaven! These are just packed with nutrients and they are top-notch, tasty! What a great way to end a Muffin Tin Meal!

Click here for PPM's printable recipe!


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