DIY/How to Make an Easter Tree

Create a beautiful Easter tree
I loved making this with my kids. We hollowed out our eggs,
that was the fun part, and it was simple and fun to do. It makes quite the appearance. 

Here's what you'll need:


What you'll need:
eggs that have been hollowed-out

thin ribbon

tiny flowers--you can either use little iron-on flowers, or I used silk tiny flowers and picked them off their stem

medium to large sized vase

faux moss found in craft supply stores

branches--you can find these on your own outside, or in craft supply stores. I actually found mine at a floral shop.

hot-glue gun

little tiny birds and butterflies--these have a clip on them that you can get at craft supply stores. (optional) I do not have these on mine, yet, but they are so pretty and can be attached to the branches with their clip, signifying spring.

Place your branches in your vase with your moss and pack the moss around it. You want it to be sturdy and stay in place.

To create your egg ornaments,  place a little hot glue at the narrow end of your egg, where the pin-whole was when hollowing out your egg. The flower is then placed over the whole, which hides it, and then the ribbon it attached to one side and then the other creating a loop to be able to hang from your Easter tree.

Continue to assemble all of your eggs this way.

Adorn your new tree with your newly-made Easter ornaments! I also wrapped my vase with some pretty polka-dot green ribbon. Simply beautiful...

Happy Easter, Friends!