Homeschooling/Raising My Boys

Nothing could have prepared me for having boys...

I have four boys and three girls and even though my girls are just as precious to me than my boys, there is something to be said for raising the opposite sex. 

Quite simply, I love that they are different then me

They love to get dirty, they are sweet and sensitive, and can be easy to get a long with. They love Tonka trucks, frogs, digging in the dirt and guns; Batman and Superman are their heroes, and the hearts in their eyes that they have for me, makes me melt.

When they are small, I love dressing them. Nothing beats Toy Story underwear, Gap t-shirts and blue jeans. Having all four of my boys home, ranging from ages fourteen to two, is a blessing. Boys are loud, wrestle, and enjoy being together most of the time; it's loud but I love it.

When it comes to raising my boys, the relationship we have together is important. I have an awesome responsibility, along with my husband, to guide and teach them and unschooling makes it natural. Unschooling is not just a term coined for non-structured, studies. It is a wonderful, enriching way to live with your children, without the use of rewards and punishments, without the use of control to gain compliance, and all about building a mutual respect with each other all the while living and learning.

Each of my boys are different and that's one of the things I love; being able to teach and inspire according to their temperament, enables me to truly know and understand them and act accordingly. I love the Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye. It gave me a wonderful insight to the four temperaments and all the blended temperament possibilities. I not only know and understand my boys, but myself! You will also enjoy understanding how each temperament has its weaknesses and how they can be spirit-filled. Understanding ourselves is empowering, and I recommend reading it to help you gain some insight on your children.

Having a teenage son is fun and challenging.

I have had to learn to approach him when he will most listen, to understand how he handles his anger, and teach him how to better manage it, use any and all opportunities to impress on him what I would like to share, to talk about God often, to show him how to have a relationship with Christ by having one myself, and to teach him how to respect others by how I respect him and others. I also need to apologize when I've been wrong and see him feel and see the power of forgiveness and grace.

Being a mother of boys is a privilege that God has given me. I love how they are wired, I love our journey together living and learning, and I enjoy their company.

It is a blessing raising my boys...

What's been your insight on raising your sons?

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