When to Get the Fridge Clean and Other Odd Jobs

A Rerun of a previous post.
A Planner Perfect Review...

Planner Perfect's, Quick Clean Plan, is awesome in maintaining, not only a clean home, but a deep cleaned, one. But what about the fridge, ceiling fans, the dirty oven, filthy minivan or SUV, and all those other odd jobs that can add-up to one big mess? 

Well, I have an answer. And I think you're going to like it...

These odd jobs, usually only need to be on a monthly or on a  bi-weekly schedule. So, formulate a time within your Quick Clean Plan, that you can add them to it!

For example: I was cleaning my hard wood fl0ors on Saturday, and while in the kitchen knew that my fridge needed to desperately be cleaned out. I used this time to clean it and I was so motivated I cleaned my other fridge I have on my lower level, too. Done! I will now add that to my cleaning on a Saturday with the hardwood floor cleaning, once a month. 

Oven cleaning I have down for Sunday. But wait, before you say, but Jenny, I thought that was our one day we don't  clean, comment. But listen to how easy this is: I spray the ovens down with a fabo oven cleaner,  and let it do the ugly work on Sunday without me, and then I swipe it clean on Monday. Yay! Done.

Ceiling fans? Add that to your dusting day (Mondays) and do once a month. Done! 

Do you see where I'm going with this? 

Filthy car? Once a week, on my grocery day, Mondays, I have my kids take a garbage bag and clean it all out of all the trash, stray socks, and underwear. Yes, I've found Spongebob underwear, too! So sad. If you want to delegate this one to your kids, too, (they make the mess after all) pick a time and day of the week that is best for them and stick to it by harnessing that plan in your Planner Perfect, planner.

Back entry shoe closet/front closets. Get this done once a month alternating weeks, on your hardwood floor Saturday, too. I was already on my hands and knees washing my wood floor, so I swept it and washed it out, too. 
Done until next month. I can now just use a mop or Swiffer in between times.

Every time you think of another odd job that needs to be cleaned, swap out weeks for it where it fits most in your Quick Clean Plan, and make it happen once a month. No need to revise or adjust the main cleaning plan; It is your staple, everyday guide, that will keep you squeaky clean. Pin it on a large bulletin board so it's easily accessed; the add-ons are easily harnessed in your planner on the day you plan to tackle it.

Once you get your groove on and stick to the plan, your home stays clean and the deep cleaning is a breeze to tackle because of your consistency. Really, it is.

Want another tip that has helped me when you don't feel like doing, let's say, your Monday dusting?

Do it anyway. 

Ridiculous, and not what we want to hear, I know. But when I feel undisciplined, I know I need to push even harder. 

And guess what?

I'm always, always, glad I disciplined myself and got it done. If I can do it (I really don't like to clean) you can, too!

Here's to a clean home, friends!

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