10 Things About Me You Should Know

10 Things About Me:

#1. I've paid a cleaning service to clean just my bathrooms
I hate cleaning bathrooms.  

So much so that I've actually had a cleaning service come and clean just my bathrooms. 

It soon seemed a frivolous expense.

I've solved my bathroom cleaning phobia and saved myself some money by delegating each bathroom to some of my children. 

My bathroom slaves love me.

#2. I don't have the prettiest laugh 
Actually, it's loud and boisterous and downright crazy sounding. When I find something funny, my head goes back, all 10 of my mercury laden fillings can be seen, and I just let it out. 

I can't help it! I really can't. Life is funny. I pretty much laugh, loud, all the time. 

My poor family.

#3. I hate sad movies
It's not that I don't necessarily want to watch sad movies; I do. it's just I hate crying. I get so emotionally involved like it's actually happening to me. I cry uncontrollably and cannot be trusted in theaters or at home. 

 Only happy movies, please!

#4. I love Curly from the 3 Stooges
I am in love with the 3 Stooges.

Nothing makes me laugh (loud and crazy) as much as the those 3 clowns and especially fat, funny, Curly. His funny dances and sayings; I wish I could have met him. 

Curly is funny and I can't get enough! 

#5. I sing to my cats
This one is very annoying to my family. And my cats. But they're so freaking cute I can't stand it. When I see them belly-up, in the sun, totally asleep, I just can't help but serenade them. Or just swoop them up in my arms against their will and sing horribly while gazing into their eyes. 

Sally and Boots. I sing because I love you.

#6. I'm not a dog lover
I hate even admitting this because I'm a dog owner. But seriously, I don't need one more person or animal in my life that needs me. Don't send me hate mail, I'm just being truthful. After all, It's something about me that you might as well know. Don't get me wrong, I love our dog (he happens to be very lovey; he's a Vizsla), I just let my family do all the lovin'.

#7. I am a coffee snob and drink only black coffee
Since I am in love with coffee, and drink it black, I can only drink the very best. I can smell a Folgers brew from a mile away. 

No thank you. 

Only the finest coffee beans please and if I'm over my girlfriends house for coffee and I see her try and reheat her morning coffee for me in the microwave...I lovingly slap the old brew out of her hands and demand she start a fresh brew. With Starbucks beans. Then I express my love for her. 

I love you, Sue!

#8. I am in love with entertaining
I am in love with cooking and baking. Combine that with preparing these wonderful foods for my friends and family and I'm higher than a kite. 

When my apron is on, watch out. 

I mean business and I'm serious. Once I get going...you know your tummy is in for a treat.

I love treating my girlfriends to lunch in my home. What a great way to dine together with the best of foods, delightful desserts and hot (Starbucks!) coffee while sinking into much needed girlie conversation. 

This is when our children have a hard time getting our attention.

#9. I've had two of pregnancies, naturally, and would not do it again
I've had epidurals with all my pregnancies but two. The first one was only because I ran out of time, and my seventh baby was done naturally by my plan. It was well thought out, I educated myself on everything I needed to know, I was mentally ready and even had wonderful nurses. 

It was the worst pain of my life.

I would never do it again.

#10. I wish I could speak fluent Italian
My Mom is Sicilian and the 2nd generation before her came from Sicily; meaning she doesn't speak Italian. But my Mom and I always fantasized about how wonderful it would be if we could. Not for the romantic feelings it exudes, but  how handy it would be to use when you're mad at your kids and you've had a bad day. You could just go off in your fantastic, Italian language and get everything you needed off your chest, and no one even has leave the room! 

Admit it. It would be nice.

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