5 Days of Camping Tips

I'm going to kick-off my camping tip series with clothes packing for your family.

Being organized takes thought and planning and camping needs this kind of attention, too, to make the trip run smooth. Well, as smooth as smooth can get when camping with children! 

So get out those planners and your favorite pen and let's get to planning.

When I plan for our camping trips (we camp often, like every other week during the summer) I always plan for the trip as far as I can ahead of time. And plan to begin all my prep the beginning of the week of our trip.

Do your laundry day, the day before you take off. This is perfect for camping or any trip you take with your family. 

Wash, fold, and sort. 

I use either my kitchen table or dining room table; anywhere that gives you room and kids can take from it easily. This makes it simple to take from piles, put in duffle bags if tent camping or right in the camper/RV. The rest of the clothes are to be put into rooms and put away. 

**Another tip is to have them lay out there clothes they plan to wear on the day you're leaving, down to the shoes.**

While camping, keep a separate basket for all the dirty laundry, or bag just make sure it's ventilated, and make sure that all of your wet items are dried- out before tossing into the laundry basket; this keeps your laundry organized while camping and for when you get home.

By taking care of all your laundry ahead of time, you are creating a much more organized laundry situation when you get back. No home laundry needs to be done, only clothes from your trip, and you're taking care of your laundry in an organized fashion and by your plan; nothing beats the feeling of being on top of your game. You planned for it, you executed it, and it's going to pay off. 

So get out your planners and write down that your laundry day for the week is going to be the day before take-off. Plan this day to be a home day and will also work as your meal prep day, too (details later).

There you have it, Moms. Sanity is key when you're camping. And sanity, memories and a good time, takes an organized Mom!

Laundry in one day, the day before you leave. It's Planner Perfect.

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