5 Days of Camping Tips

Meal planning

Meal planning can be fun. Get out your planner, and under your detailed outlook for your camping trip, this is where you write down your menu plan. 

When camping you always need to plan breakfasts, lunches, dinner, and snacks. I also prep ahead of time, such as preparing pancake mixes; this keeps our food interesting, fun, and delicious and keeps me organized. 

**Plan your food prep day/baking day to be the day before you take off and it can coincide with your laundry day.** 

Camping doesn't have to mean you eat hotdogs everyday and eat pancakes out of a box...with a little prep, you can eat well, easy and deliciously!

Here are my top prep food tips:

Scrambled eggs and toast
Homemade raisin and/or white bread with a pat of butter. I plan a baking day each week and always plan to bring some of my bread along. Slice and serve! Delicious!
Cinnamon rolls. This is always a hit. It's made just using my bread recipe, I roll out sprinkle with butter and a little cinnamon and sugar and bake off in a pie plate. After they cool, lightly ice, cover with foil and pack. Your family will love you!
Pumpkin Pancakes. Absolutely perfect for fall camping.
These pancake recipes are winners and even easier to prep and bring. Just toss all the dry ingredients into a plastic container with its lid and with a sticky note, write all the simple wet ingredients to bring and add on the morning your going to make them.
Breakfast eggs in foil bowls. I found some amazing recipes for camping over at Taste of Home and think you are going to love them.

**For my tent camping friends, just make-up the whole pancake mix, wet and all and make within 2 days. Just stir lightly before you pour on your griddle.**

You may think the box is easier...but let me tell you that with only a small amount of prep, the taste is worth every little, extra step!

For our lunches, I plan sandwiches of all kinds and this is when the hotdogs and brats over the fire are fun. Try some of the ideas below for lunch, too.

Campfire popcorn
Homemade chocolate chip cookies. How could you go wrong with packing your homemade cookies. I do this all the time and the kids love them. Later use them in place of the graham crackers for your s'mores.

This one is fun and if you are a tent camper, the grill and the fire are your means to your meal.  

I found some great recipes for you over at Joy of Camping. Check these out these great camping recipes and write down some great foil packet dinners to try. 

Another one is, The Art of Manliness, for foil packet know-how dinners and recipes. It's a total guy site, but love it because he has some wonderful tips for camping around a fire. YUM!

S'mores are amazing but doesn't have to be your only treat...here are some other ideas:
Campfire cones
Peanut butter smores

Check out these other great camping recipes from Taste of Home.

My Planner Perfect Tip for your meals is to prep and plan. With a little planning, and little prep, your camping meals are guaranteed to be a success.

Happy Camping~

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